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Are you being watched?
Jan 19, 2015

Staying honest about your injuries is one of the best ways to be on sure footing with your claim. Don't let surveillance be your worst enemy... Read more

Your Vehicle, Your Responsibility
Jan 13, 2015

You can be held liable even if you may not have given expressed permission to drive your vehicle. Learn the parameters and help avoid this common issue... Read more

Leasing Companies and Liability
Dec 31, 2014

A summary judgment decides whether or not a leasing company should be held liable for an accident with one of its vehicles... Read more

Compensation for Rescuers
Dec 23, 2014

They say no good deed goes unpunished and this rings true in this tragic case of good Samaritans, death and litigation... Read more

Hands tied legally?
Dec 09, 2014

The insurance companies are well known for their scrutiny when assessing claims. It can lead to timely delays that can affect your case. Knowing your rights can help you step out of the maneuvering that sometimes gets your claims dismissed... Read more

Insuring and Ownership of Vehicles
Nov 28, 2014

See how important it is to follow-up on documents pertaining to your motor vehicle and the impact it can have on your insurance... Read more

Compensation for Slip and Falls
Nov 27, 2014

Hurt in a public place? It does not mean that you will be compensated. Here we take a look at a common case that has an unfavorable outcome... Read more

The finality of Settlement Agreements
Nov 23, 2014

Agreeing to a settlement can have a relieving effect on someone who has been injured. Find out what happens if you change your mind after signing... Read more

Deadlines and your Claim
Nov 14, 2014

In some cases, knowing is half the battle. See how being unaware of your policy can affect you and how a good personal injury lawyer can help you... Read more

Defending Your Policy
Oct 29, 2014

Children are both very susceptible to and sometimes actively engaged in bullying. It is every parent’s nightmare to be on either end of the spectrum of bullying, but it is an everyday battle fought amongst young people in their day-to-day lives... Read more

Liability and Causation in Slip and Falls
Oct 19, 2014

Here we take a look at a seemingly cut and dry case where someone suffered a slip and fall accident... Read more

Right of Way and Liability
Oct 15, 2014

Is anyone ever really one hundred percent free of liability when they have the right of way in the laws of the road? Find out the answer here... Read more

Unjustified Costs and Reimbursements
Oct 05, 2014

Prolonging a case can be costly for both plaintiffs and defendants. A Judge has the responsibility of calculating and validating the claims brought forth. There can be a variety of judgements made and here we will give you an example of such a case... Read more

Finding Fault
Oct 01, 2014

We all sometimes make arguably bad, but common mistakes in the presence of others that can have lasting effects. Who can be held liable?.. Read more

Pierringer Agreements
Sep 27, 2014

Learn how this type of agreement can impact your case here in Ontario. .. Read more

Slip and Fall (pt 2)
Sep 21, 2014

This article draws attention to an actual slip and fall case that, though lengthy, was settled at a little over a quarter million dollars... Read more

Tactics of Insurance Companies
Sep 17, 2014

Having a valid claim is half the battle. See how your claim can be mishandled by your insurance company... Read more

Trial Bifurcation
Sep 12, 2014

Can you be forced to go to trial twice? Learn the advantages and disadvantages of separating a trial between liability and damages... Read more

A Trip to the Dentist
Aug 28, 2014

A trip to the dentist is a common and sometimes necessary occurrence. Here we discuss a relatable case and offer advice if ever you should be in a similar position... Read more

Technology and your Case
Aug 18, 2014

Tracking devices are installed on most electronic devices. See how they can help or hurt your case... Read more