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Texting and Cellular Phone Use While Driving
Jul 12, 2013

Using a cellular phone while driving is twenty three times more likely to result in an accident. If you have been a victim of a cell phone related accident, consult a lawyer right away... Read more

The Rastin Family
Jul 05, 2013

The Rastin staff engaged in a team building exercise at Ciboulette Et Cie in Midland where we learned the art of cooking..... Read more

Taste of the Town
Jul 03, 2013

Ah, Taste of the Town! From Brunello’s barbequed sausage-kabobs to Trattoria Azzurra’s fried gnocchi, I tasted the town, and it did not disappoint. The sun was hot and the breeze was cool in beautiful Sunset Point Park in..... Read more

What You Should Know About Concussions
Jun 24, 2013

Ranging in different levels of severities, concussions are a common medical issue suffered from engaging in the simplest daily tasks, to the most extreme. Here, we break it down to a simple format to help you understand what they are and what you can do about them... Read more

Minor Injury Guideline (MIG) Successfully Challenged
May 20, 2013

MIG is the approved process for the treatment and care of minor injuries. If you have any injury that falls under MIG criteria, you must consult a Minor Injury Lawyer to ensure that you gain the benefits that you deserve... Read more

Ontario Trial Lawyers Association applauds Ontario Court of Appeal Decision on auto accident dispute resolution
Dec 03, 2012

The OTLA welcomed the Ontario Court of Appeal decision which confirmed that injured accident victims are entitled to timely dispute resolution services when they are denied Statutory Accident Benefits by their auto insurers... Read more

Helmets for Kids Campaign!
May 25, 2012

Thousands of helmets have been distributed in Ontario since the start of Helmets on Kids in 2002. Rastin and Associates is a proud sponsor of this campaign... Read more

Here is our new TV commercial
Jul 11, 2011

Check out Rastin Law's new TV commercial... Read more