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Pierringer Agreements
Sep 27, 2014

Learn how this type of agreement can impact your case here in Ontario. .. Read more

Accident Care Benefits under the revised Statutory Accidents Benefits Schedule
Jun 03, 2014

Here we take a closer look at how one of the recent changes in the Statutory Accidents Benefits Schedule affects you on your road to recovery... Read more

Steve Rastin to address Provincial/Municipal Government Liability conference
Jan 08, 2014

Steve Rastin is set to address the Canadian Institute’s 20th Annual Provincial/Municipal Government Liability conference, which will take place on February 27th-28th, 2014... Read more

Theme Park Injuries
Oct 09, 2013

Theme park owners are responsible for the safety of patrons from injury. If you have been injured by any means, consult a lawyer to find out and ascertain the compensation you are entitled... Read more

Faulty Equipment Injuries
Sep 20, 2013

Many people get hurt as a result of using faulty equipment. A person injured may file a Personal Injury Claim against those responsible for the safety of the equipment... Read more

Here is our new TV commercial
Jul 11, 2011

Check out Rastin Law's new TV commercial... Read more