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Rastin Review: Court of Appeal decision maintains that municipality had “reckless disregard” when failing to properly maintain recreational trail
Aug 30, 2018

On a summer day in 2006, Ms. Labanowicz was riding her bicycle on the Friendship Trail in Fort Erie. Throughout the trail, the municipality had erected wooden bollards at various points. These wooden bollards consisted of a metal bracket installed into the..... Read more

Appeal Court rules on Filing Deadlines in a Lawsuit involving Injured Child
Oct 23, 2017

In a car accident injury case involving a minor plaintiff, the Ontario Appeal Court determines the applicable limitation period under the Limitations Act and notice period per the Municipal Act, after the the plaintiff files a motion to add the City of Sudbury as a defendant. .. Read more

Judge supports Plaintiff's Motion to strike Jury two Weeks into Trial
Jan 06, 2017

After first denying the plaintiff’s request to strike the jury prior to the start of a civil trial, the judge agrees to strike jury two weeks into the trial, citing the complexity of the case... Read more

Cyclist injured by a motor vehicle
Jul 28, 2015

Cycling accident victims should seek immediate medical treatment to determine severity of injuries and report accident to authorities.. Read more

The Scope of an Expert Witness' Testimony
Apr 11, 2015

There are rules governing just how much an expert witnesses’ testimony can cover. Here we take a look at how this was decided in a case involving a slip and fall and its ensuing traumatic brain injury... Read more

Late Diagnosis and Treatment of Symptoms
Mar 25, 2015

In the case of Polera v. Wade, a partial summary judgement was being sought after the removal of a brain tumor left the patient with severe injuries. Here we look at the special circumstances surrounding this incident and the see the judgements that arose from it... Read more

Road Signs and Personal Injury
Feb 13, 2015

A car accident claim may start with an initial trial but it does not always end there. Cases can be appealed and the final decision can take years to be decided. Here we take a look at a ruling about the purpose of a stop sign and the responsibility between drivers and the government... Read more

Finding Fault
Oct 01, 2014

We all sometimes make arguably bad, but common mistakes in the presence of others that can have lasting effects. Who can be held liable?.. Read more

The True Costs of Brain Injury in Children
Jul 29, 2014

The brain is a vital organ which is very vulnerable to irreversible and incalculable injury... Read more

Brain Injury Awareness Month
Jun 09, 2014

Brain injuries are a very common injury that affects many people and their families throughout the world. Learn how important it is to do what you can to prevent this from happening to you... Read more

ATV Accidents
Sep 03, 2013

Treatment and rehabilitation for All-Terrain Vehicles accidents may be costly. If you have suffered injuries from an ATV accident and someone else is responsible for the accident, you may be entitled to receive more than you expect. .. Read more

What You Should Know About Concussions
Jun 24, 2013

Ranging in different levels of severities, concussions are a common medical issue suffered from engaging in the simplest daily tasks, to the most extreme. Here, we break it down to a simple format to help you understand what they are and what you can do about them... Read more